How to lock a layer from changes including position changes?

Very standard use-case to lock a layer from unintentional modifications in graphic tools. How is this possible in GIMP?

I’ve tried the “Lock pixels” “Lock alpha channel”, also the layer menu doesn’t show anything related. Anyone have a way around to achieve this effect?

Update – 2019-07-18:
Seems to be implemented in the meantime, see accepted answer.


Update: GIMP 2.10.x supports locking layer position — so you are an upgrade away (:

To enable it: select the “arrow-cross” lock type from the Lock: section above the layers panel.

Old answer for posterity:

The answer is unfortunate: you can’t lock layer position.

You can work around this a little bit by using the “Move the active layer” option on the “Move” tool. But then you have to manually select the active layer from the list, rather than clicking, which is sub-optimal.

The “new lock” referred to in Michael Schumacher’s comment, seems to be slated for version 2.10.

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