How to maintain a grayscale image (1 channel) output in a cmyk layered file that contains a color layer?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I have been asked to fix a customer supplied ad targeted for CMYK newsprint. It is a .psd doc.

The printer has asked that the file be supplied with the background image, which is separating as rich black, be created in 100% K as it is offsetting, and will offer better registration, etc.

This would not be a problem except there is a two color build yellow logo mark and type on the file.

When I bring in the background image as a grayscale file and flatten the file, the grayscale background image reverts to separating into cmyk again!

Is there a trick in photoshop to maintain the one channel K background and still have the color logo and type on an upper layer separate as such?



If I understand correctly, your assets are:

  1. CMYK logo
  2. Grayscale image

This is what I would do

  1. Create an empty CMYK PSD file
  2. Copy your grayscale image
  3. Open the Channels palette. Windows->Channels
  4. Click on the Black channel (the last one) and paste your (previously copied) grayscale image. This pastes it ONLY in the K layer, so it will be rendered with only black ink.
  5. Click on the CMYK channel (at the top) to continue working with all 4 channels, as one normally does
  6. Continue with your workflow (bring in your CMYK logo, etc)

Source : Link , Question Author : Lisa , Answer Author : cockypup

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