How to make 6000 iPad photos editable

History – many years of Apple devices – MacBooks, iPhones, iPads. Result= 8000+ photos viewable on iPad but 6000 of them won’t sync with Photo or iMazing. Workaround is for each photo to try to edit then say yes to “Duplicate and Edit” (and then edit a bit so it will save it) but I can’t do this with 6000+ – its impractical.

I need a better fix. I want them ALL to be editable and thus seen by iTunes/Photos.

Since I can’t see the files with any device but the iPad what can I do ?

This must have happened to others too.
The devices/Libraries from which they originally came are no longer in service so going back there is not a solution. I don’t want to delete them, just “free them” from association with a device.


Source : Link , Question Author : Freddy Frog , Answer Author : Community

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