How to make a line in illustrator with $ signs

The behavior I’m looking for is similar to how one can make a path line dashed. Except, instead of being dashes, I’d love to make it show $ signs. Thanks for your help!


Method one – works with any shape.

Create a no-fill, no-stroke rectangle and place a $ sign in the middle of it. $ sign must be on top of the rectangle. The amount of space between the $ sign and the rectangle edges will determine the spacing between the repeated $ signs.

Drag all that to the Brush panel and choose Pattern Brush when asked. Then click OK twice (you shouldn’t need to adjust any brush options).

Note: the $ must be art, not type so if you set it as type use Type > Create Outlines before dragging things to the Brush Panel.

Then simply draw a path and click the pattern brush you just created in the Brush Panel.

$ brush

Method Two – Text on a Path – better for text objects

Draw a path and use the Type on a Path tool to convert the path to a text baseline and then just type $ signs and spaces (or adjust tracking).

type on path

text path

This method allows you to treat the $ signs as text still so you can alter the font, spacing, size, etc., as often as you need.

Source : Link , Question Author : epan , Answer Author : Scott

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