How to make a picture look like it’s torn off?

How do I cut off the boundary of a picture all zig zag like it is in this picture

Or in this one

I have Paint.NET, a free image editing software. How can I do this in Paint.NET?


Take a look at this tutorial:

In short

  • Create a layer on top filled with white.
  • Add a third layer on top of all of those.
  • Draw the line of your torn paper on this layer in black.
  • “Merge Layer Down” on layer 3. Layers 2 and 3 will be merged.
  • Duplicate this layer
  • Gaussian blur the lower of these two layers
  • On the other one, select the area you want to show using the magic wand tool.
  • Invert your selection and clear
  • “Merge Layer Down” again
  • Still with the Magic Wand, select the area of the image you will show
  • “Merge Layer Down” one more time.

Source : Link , Question Author : Water Cooler v2 , Answer Author : Nathaniel Hudson

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