How to make a selection that includes multiple layers with a free form selection

I’m really new to photoshop, so please excuse any ignorance. I have watched numerous tutorials to try and figure this out.

I have a blueprint for a patio I am designing. I put the pavers on it and am now trying to select the shape of the patio so that the overlap of the square pavers are not seen.

I have tried using the lasso tool to do this. When I select the area, and try to copy to a new layer, nothing shows up. I tried combining the layers in a group too.

Does anyone know what I should do?

enter image description here


I noticed in your layers panel that you have many layers… It is very likely you are just copying content from another layer.

When selecting/copying in Photoshop, it usually selects from the active layer.

You have to run Shift+Ctrl+C (or Edit → Copy Merged) to copy from all visible layers as though they were merged together.

Note, your layers do not have to be grouped – or selected, as copy merged will copy the content as though it has merged all visible layers.

Source : Link , Question Author : Paul , Answer Author : WELZ

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