How to make a series of rectangles follow a pen path

I am trying to get a series of shapes (rectangles) to follow a path (sine wave) that I made with the pen tool, but I have no clue how to do that or if it is possible.

I have tried warping a rectangle into the sine wave path, but it takes many different warped rectangles and it isn’t smooth.

I thought this process might work for rectangles, but it only works for text.


If you have Adobe Illustrator and all you need are rectangles, you can simply use a dashed stroke with a large stroke weight….


If you need one rectangle, as AndroidHustle suggests, simply untick the “Dashed Line” option.

Then to edit the rectangles, choose Object > Expand. Then copy this in Illustrator, switch to Photoshop and Paste as a Shape Layer.

If you must do this with only Photoshop CS5, there is no easy method. Except to maybe set up a square brush shape and then draw a path with the Pen Tool, switch to the Pencil Tool and hit Shift+Return to stroke the path with the square brush.

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Source : Link , Question Author : chasethesunnn , Answer Author : Scott

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