How to make an object look like it’s reflected in water in Adobe Illustrator?

How do you make an object look like it’s being reflected on a body of water using Adobe Illustrator? Something like the image below but with a minimalist aesthetic:


One can use the warp tool to smudge around vector drawings. You can also use wrinkle and scallop tool for your benefit in these cases

warp tool

Image 1: Warp tool can be found under the same tool button as width tool

  • Step 1: Make a duplicate of the object you want to smudge mirror it upside down and scale it down a bit in one direction.

    enter image description here

  • Step 2: Use the smudge tool to deform the image by dragging sideways and slightly up with a big brush and then progressively smaller one.

    enter image description here

    TIP: You can double click on the smudge tool to adjust simplification options down for more detail.

  • Step 3: Overlay with strips of black.

    enter image description here

Tweak to your hearts content. This is just a very quick demo done in about 7 minutes (up and including finding the moon model in image collection and vectorisation). There is lot i would do better if this was for a project of mine.

Source : Link , Question Author : Agent J Wall , Answer Author : joojaa

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