How to make ascending text is CS5 PS?

I want to be able to get a ascending/descending size ( 3D ) effect with CS5 Photoshop text. Like this.

I’ve tried make each letter a different size and edit -> transform -> scale and am very limited.

enter image description here


I can’t directly reference CS5. I no longer have it available to work in. However…

You can’t do this easily with Live Type.

But you can create a smart object of the type (or rasterize the type) then transform. Converting type to a shape layer would also allow the transformation to work. Really, using a smart object with live type may be best because you can edit the content of the text later if needed.

Just highlight the layer and choose Edit > Free Transform

Hold down the CommandOptionShift keys (Mac) or the CtrlAltShift keys (Win) and click a handle and drag it…

enter image description here

I created a smart object of a standard type layer so that the free transform was possible.

  • Command/Ctrl key = Distort
  • Option/Alt key = From Center
  • Shift key = Constrain to 90° dragging

In newer versions of Photoshop, you can also utilize the Perspective Warp feature in the Edit menu.

Source : Link , Question Author : user2684452 , Answer Author : Scott

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