How to make borders of images equal in InDesign?

I’m throwing together a newsletter in InDesign that requires linking JPG images. It looks fine in InDesign but when I export the image to Adobe reader the borders on my images change so that one side is darker/thicker than the rest of the sides. I hope that makes sense. I need all my borders to match.

I’ve tried replacing the images, making the images bigger/smaller, basically the side that has the thicker border just jumps to a different side with any change that I’ve tried so far.


Taking a guess that the “borders” are actually part of the linked jpg….

Remove the borders from the jpg images.

Add your borders in InDesign to the image frames.

After this, the borders will be consistent.

Option #B…. ensure every linked jpg is at 100% scale in the InDesign document. It’s probable that some of the linked images have been scaled. If the borders are part of the actual jpgs… scaling the linked image in InDesign will alter the border widths.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ashley , Answer Author : Scott

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