How to make clickable areas stand out?

I’m working on a calendar app that lets you toggle your vacation days. There’s a feature for choosing which of those days count only half.

Usage: The user toggles some days, those days turn orange. The user can then click a button “choose half days”. When clicking, the whole page fades, except for the orange days. You are now in a mode where any click on the orange days adds stripes to indicate they only count half. Any other clicks returns to the previous mode.

If you want to try it, go to the app, toggle a few days, the click the button labelled “½ Tage wählen” beside the lower-right link to 2014.

I’ve been using jQuery Tools for the exposé effect.

For technical reasons, I cannot continue to use it. And thinking about it, it might not be the ideal solution for turning orange days into half days (the “mode” thing is bothering me).

So, my question is: Are there other/better ways to make clickable areas on a page stand out to indicate which areas should be clicked?


You could add a slight gradient to the unclicked orange days. The gradient could be activated after “½ Tage wählen” has been clicked.

Source : Link , Question Author : awendt , Answer Author : ckpepper02

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