How to make millimeters the default measurement unit in Adobe InDesign?

Almost all of my design requirements are given in millimeters, not points, pica, or any other classical measurement. I design for board games, and the printer’s specifications always list their requirements in terms of millimeters for margin and bleed, not points and pica.

I’m making the jump from doing my layouts in Illustrator (which is happy to think in mm) to InDesign (which everyone assures me is the best program to do layouts in). But InDesign’s insistence on converting every measurement I put into it to being in points and picas is wrecking my workflow.

How do I convert InDesign to defaulting to measuring dimensions in millimeters rather than points and picas?


With Indesign open but no document open go to Preferences > Units & Increments and set the drop down menus to Millimeters.

Indesign will then use MM as the default.

This won’t change existing documents, but it will change any new document.


Source : Link , Question Author : baudot , Answer Author : Scott

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