How to make parallel curves in photoshop CS6?

I want to replicate this picture, but I’m having a hard time figuring out how can I make identical parallel curves. Can someone with better skills give me a little help?

enter image description here

I tried making curves with a pen tool, then making selections out of it and then layer by layer would try to replicate what’s in the image, but that would’t work for me, because the curves wouldn’t be the same. Then I tried making a big ellipse selection to match curves in the image, but that’s I think is too much work, there has to be an easier solution.


  1. Get the Eclipse Tool (U).

  2. Left click on the canvas and put 100px width & 100px height and then
    click ok.

  3. Repeat the 2nd step but put 200px width & 200px height. Do this
    again but increase but 100px for the amount of circles you want. You will then have to move the layer order so the biggest circle is on the bottom.

  4. Once you have 6 or so circles select one of the shape layers with the move tools (V). Press CTRL/CMD + A and at the top click on Align Vertical Centers & Align Horizontal Centers. Do this for all shape layers.

align options

  1. Select all layers and enlarge with the the transform tool CTRL/CMD + T. Make sure to hold Shift when enlarging. At a certain point I squashed the circle and rotated the circles.

rotated circles demo


end result

Source : Link , Question Author : Giancarlo , Answer Author : AndrewH

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