How to make pattern-dithered bitmap (halftone) style pictures?

I was recently looking at the Watchdogs 2 pictures (Specifically The center of the one below). I was under the impression that it was just fancy text art, but that turned out to be false. I was wondering, How can I take a black and white image in Photoshop, and create a similar, “Filter”, for lack of a better term?

Reference image (Look in the center)


That is not ascii art. It is called a pattern-dithered bitmap (halftone). I did a quick image search a found the source for your cropped art that has more pixel detail (see below).

I made a very quick example using a crop from a screen capture of art that is in a similar style to the portion of your image.

I changed the image mode to “greyscale” and then changed it to “bitmap” (in Photoshop, you cannot convert RGB or indexed mode to bitmap); in the bitmap settings, I picked a low PPI (maybe 30), and chose “pattern dither.”

The low PPI makes the pattern larger in proportion to the image dimensions, but it also results in a smaller image as measured by pixel dimension.

Because I reduced the PPI, I then stretched the image back to the original size.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Name Last , Answer Author : Yorik

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