How to make positioning of lines around circle or curve

Is it possible to make even distance positioning of lines of different length around circle or curve?

I mean lines have different sizes like on pic.2, but I need they have equal distance around circle like on pic.1. Distance between circle edge and line start.
enter image description here


From where you are now you can just make a circular guide.

  1. draw a circle with a size that will be the new starting point for your lines;
  2. make it a guide (View > Guides > Make Guides or CMD+5 / CTRL+5 for Windows);
  3. select the anchors (the ones near the center) using the Lasso tool (Q), for example
  4. with smart guides enabled, scale your lines (S) and drag until they intersect with the guide

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : KFifa , Answer Author : Luciano

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