How to make the brush with the side of an even size (GIMP)?

I created a brush in the GIMP that is in the shape of a square.

I created the same so I could draw mazes for a game I’m doing. It turns out that the width of my maze is 10 pixels and I can not make the brush 10×10.

enter image description here

You should be able to make the brush stick with the even side, if there is no one would like to know why.


I searched here =>

Also here =>

But without success… If neither the GIMP website itself helped me what else could I do?

Sorry for the translation errors, I’m not an English speaker.


Unfortunatelly, both the “VBR” brushes and the sizing slider used for paint tools is not too apropriate to have a fixed size brush with this accuracy. The way to do it is really create a 10x10pixel image, convert it to grayscale, paint it black, and export it as a .gbr file to one of GIMP’s brush folders (which you can find, or create a new one at edit->preferences->folders->brushes)

However, I would not recommend the approach you are taking for what you want to achieve – as GIMP’s grid system which would allow you to actually paint at 10px round coordinates is a bit “soft” in its snapping, and you would ed up doing a lot of undo/redo –

The most practial way to draw a maze with square block walls is:

  • create an image 10 times smaller than the desired one.
  • Use the pencil tool, and set the brush (almost any brush will do) size to “1” on the tool options dialog. Don’t even worry about the original brush size.
  • Draw your maze working at 1000% (or larger) zoom factor.
  • When maze is done, enlarge image, setting interpolation to None to prevent pixel blurring: Image->Scale Image..., type “1000%” on the width field, and let GIMP calculate the final image size, and change the Interpolation to None on the “Quality” drop down.
  • Export your image, and proceed to draw details smaller than 10px, if any.

Source : Link , Question Author : Boneco Sinforoso , Answer Author : jsbueno

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