How to make this explosion animation better

I need some help with this explosion animation design. I made it for some mobile words puzzle game. It shows up when gamers solve the puzzle and reveal the right answer tile.
enter image description here

However, one feedback I got is that it feels not nature/engaging enough. I may need some wise suggestions here. Here I also attach the screenshot of how the interface looks like before and after games solve the puzzle.

enter image description here

Any advice about color choosing, shapes or how each frame should look like is welcomed:)

Thanks in Advance!

Updated on Mar 29th

enter image description here

Based on some wise suggestions I got from this forum, I created another sheet which starts from small clouds. And in order to make it more vivid, I added some stars on the later stage of the explosion. However, it turned out not as good as I have expected, is there any improvements about the color choosing or the way stars show up I can make? Thanks a lot!

Updated on Mar 30th
enter image description here

Inspired by Popular Burst Accents Animations(What I want to do is something similar to the effect on 0:20) and Timing Principle (one of 12 Principles), I tried to make the sparks and cloud explode in different speed. But it seems not as good as what I want to achieve. I wish I could get some feedback on that version. 🙂 I appreciate all you guys’ helps!!


It does not look like an explosion. It looks like a fading cloud.

An explosion has directionality starting from a point. This images are simply dissolving.

If you need an explosion, the first image should be smaller, then growing and dissolving.

Source : Link , Question Author : Peiyun Chen , Answer Author : Rafael

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