how to make two same shapes connected in Illustrator

I will begin with explaining the purpose of what I want to achieve or it would not make any sense why I’d want it.

So I work with cutting plotters and use illustrator for designing. There are several types of vinyls (with different thickness and other properties) and for one specific vinyl, the proper way to cut is, cutting a shape twice without lifting the pen/blade up. Like for a circle with 4 anchor points, blade goes from A->B->C->D->A->B->C->D->A

But I cant find any easy way to do it. I was able to make such a circle with a lot of trouble, you can look at it in the picture.

But again thats just circle, I need to make other shapes as well.

So any help please?

enter image description here


Like i said you can script this. Below is a script that duplicates the points of all selected paths on top of each other. Please note that I do not make any sanity checks user beware.

#target illustrator

var doc = app.activeDocument;
var sel = doc.selection;

for (var s = 0; s < sel.length; s++ ) {

function overlayPoints(path){
    var pts = path.pathPoints;
    var len = pts.length; 

    for (var i = 0; i < len; i++ ) {
        var pt = path.pathPoints.add();
        pt.anchor = pts[i].anchor;
        pt.leftDirection = pts[i].leftDirection;
        pt. rightDirection = pts[i].rightDirection;
        pt.pointType = pts[i].pointType;

Source : Link , Question Author : Junaid Rehman , Answer Author : joojaa

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