How to open a file the fast way in Gimp?

The classical way to open a file is not followed in Gimp. There is no browse button, nor there is a textbox where one can paste the path to the file. I do not edit images everyday and I always have to loose half an hour to be able to open a simple file. So here are my questions:

  1. How to open a file in Gimp the fast way (something akin to pasting the pathway on a textbox).
  2. Is there a reason for the current state of affairs, or is it just the decision of some chief developer?


This may be a restriction from our OS or our file browser integration with Gimp. With the Gtk-toolkit on a Linux (here Ubuntu) OS and in Windows we have several choices to quickly open images with Gimp 2.8.:

From the File browser:

  1. Double click on an image to open with Gimp after we made it our default image editor.

  2. Right click context menu Open with… Gimp on our file browser.

  3. Drag & Drop on the Gimp window will load this image:

    enter image description here

From Gimp

  1. File > Open… will open the Gtk file selector where we have the choice to browse or to enter a path:

    enter image description here

  2. On File > Open Location… Gimp will open a textbox to enter a path:

    enter image description here

  3. File > Open Recent will give us a dropdown menu of recently used files.

Source : Link , Question Author : grokkaine , Answer Author : Community

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