how to open mutliple pdf pages in photoshop

I am actually trying to save all pages in the pdf as a png image but here i can’t open all pages in one time.
i have read here for how to open pdf pages
I have to open one by one and then i am saving it as png image. this is taking long time to finish.

Is there any shortcut to open mutliple pdf pages in photoshop and save
as a image


You could do it in Acrobat with Export > Image > PNG

In Photoshop it’s more complex.
When opening a PDF you can select all pages by holding shift. That way all pages open and the opened documents are named by page number.

Exporting is a different thing though.
You could start with the Automate > Batch and choose all open files as source, and using an Action you recorded (e.g. Save as PNG). The downside is that Photoshop will promt you to save all open files as PSD as well which makes the process a lot less elegant.

Source : Link , Question Author : Suresh Pattu , Answer Author : KMSTR

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