How to package all faces of a font into one family file (Mac)

I’ve got a few fonts I’ve purchased over the past few years.

These are decent quality fonts with, on average, 8–15 different faces for the family.

The problem I have is each face is listed separately in various applications (Photoshop, Indesign, etc.) Rather than simply one item with a submenu for faces.

For example I have:
(fig. A)

FontA Bold >
FontA Bold Italic >
FontA Italic >
FontA Regular >

Rather than:
(fig. B)

FontA >
        Bold Italic

What tool on the Macintosh can combine these faces so they are all listed under the family name? As in the figure B, above.

I know there are a couple of high-end apps (Fontographer, FontLab). Are there any basic smaller apps to simply edit the font info without editing character and other tables? I don’t want to edit the actual font data specifically, merely the titles and naming structure I believe.

How do I do this with the tool suggested, specific steps please?

Running Mac OS 10.7, but can boot to 10.6 or 10.8 if needed. I am not absolutely looking for freeware. If there’s a paid app to do this, I’m fine with that. If someone wants to outline steps in FontLab or Fontographer, I’m all ears.

These are commercial .otf fonts.


RoboFont is a great software (mac only) for font editing on so many levels. It also does what you’re looking for: allows you to open individual files and edit their font info and then resave in whatever format you need. I recently had to do exactly what you’re asking with my copy of Gotham which was installing as individual files and not as a family.

The purchase price on RoboFont is pretty steep, but really, the software is aimed at people who are drawing and editing their own fonts. For this purpose, the 15-day free trial may be all you need. Who knows, maybe you’ll get hooked and buy a license. 🙂

Steps for changing Font Family

  1. Open your .otf files in robofont. They’ll appear in separate windows.
  2. For each window, click on the tab Font Info (3rd tab from the left in the toolbar). It’ll slidedown an editor with a few more tabs.
  3. The first tab is General which includes an input box for Family Name. The 2nd tab is OpenType which allows you direct access to the nameTable so you can edit all of that info including style names.
  4. Once you edit the info, simply type Command(⌘) G or choose File… -> Generate Font. Ensure it’s exporting as .otf and save to desired location

RoboFont is also built beautifully in python, so you can execute your own custom scripts if you need.

Source : Link , Question Author : Scott , Answer Author : Matthew

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