How to paint book edges?

I’m binding a custom book.

The edges of the text block need to be painted black.

I’ve been experimenting with techniques but have not found the perfect one yet. The best I have so far is using clamps to hold the book shut and using a paintbrush to dry brush acrylic paint on.

This almost perfectly eliminates bleeding, but the pages stick together and tear a little bit when I separate them.

I have zero experience with airbrushing so I’m not confident trying that.

What is the best way for me to make my book edges black?


I, personally, would use ink and a roller, or a small pad/sponge, not paint.

Ink will go on thinner, cover just as well, and not be tacky.

This ink

Something like This India Ink. It’s opaque, waterproof, and typically drys pretty fast.

Source : Link , Question Author : rachel1 , Answer Author : Scott

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