How to paste a part of an image in the same coordinates I cut it from?

I want to cut a specific part of an image, then paste it in another image in the same coordinates I cut it from. So, if I cut it and it was in (100, 112) then I paste it in (100, 112) in the other Image, not in the center.

How can I do this?


In Photoshop you can do that in several methods

  1. Copy the desired part of the image and click CTLR+C, and in the other file, click CTRL+SHIFT+V
  2. Select the part of your image you want to copy and drag it to the new file while holding CTRL+SHIFT+ALT; it will paste the selected area in the same place
  3. After copying your part of the image, paste it by Edit > Paste Special > Paste in Place

Source : Link , Question Author : Muhammed Refaat , Answer Author : hsawires

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