How to paste Chinese text into Illustrator?

I have a frustrating problem with Chinese text in Illustrator. I am updating some graphics by changing English text to Chinese. I have been provided with Chinese translations in a Word document which are all entirely legible (if you read Chinese, of course). I have approached this in 3 ways and all 3 have thrown up problems:

  1. Select and copy text in Word. Double click text in Illustrator so position is preserved, paste text. This sometimes works, but often several characters will be replaced with a crossed box (ie ‘no character’). The font is set to SimSun in Word, but for some reason transfers to Kozuka Gothic when pasted. So I try and set the font back to SimSun, but it refuses to change.

  2. Select and copy text in Word. Delete English textbox completely. Paste Chinese text directly into Illustrator. SimSun font is preserved and all characters show… but the text has a huge bounding box extending way out to the right, filled with empty characters. This means I either have to edit each text box and delete those characters, or deal with lots of overlapping bounding boxes.

  3. Select and copy text in Word. Paste it into Notepad to remove extraneous formatting. Paste into Illustrator. Bounding box is properly sized, but font changes to Kozuka Gothic as per 1.

Does anyone have any idea how to overcome this?


Most problems with Chinese type resolve by changing the language (that little dropdown at the very bottom of the Character panel) to Chinese. If you change the language of the text frame to Chinese before you paste in the text, you should be okay.

This also holds true for individual CKJ characters in otherwise English text, in both Illustrator and InDesign (and probably Photoshop, although I’ve not had occasion to find out). You’ll see errors unless you change the language of that character (or character style) to the correct one for that character.

Source : Link , Question Author : user36735 , Answer Author : Alan Gilbertson

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