How to present email marketing in a portfolio?

Print design is easy to present. Web design is a little more complicated but not too bad. How do you all suggest presenting Emails to a client? Forward them the actual emails? Save them as .PDFs / Images? Something else entirely?


The same way you would a web page — images showing the page design. HTML emails are just web pages coded with less-modern methods. You should be able to load any HTML email in a web browser window and take a screenshot of it. If the email contains application-specific tags like {openemailmarker} or {unsubscribehyperlink}, you may need to generate those to replace the tags.

If you want to display the content more than the design, or if the email is more text -based than visually based, just displaying the text, well formatted, would be sufficient.

Emails traditionally have absolutely no “functionality” other than clicking internal links. In reality showing emails is often easier than showing web sites because it’s traditionally a single page and merely takes a single image to show the design.

If there is a series of emails to constitute a campaign, then I’d present a series of images showing the sales path.

You could be all fancy and create some generic email image “chrome” or frame to make the content appear as if it is within an email client. However, I find that often that’s overkill and some clients may see that framing as actually part of the design. The framing often carries more confusion than benefit with it.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ryan , Answer Author : Scott

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