How to present web design mockups to a client?

I’m working on a website redesign project. I will need to present a few different mockups to the client for review. I want to make sure the client can see everything in context. I don’t want to assume that the client has the right software. Maybe even add some comments, questions, or background on the design direction.

What is a typical way of presenting mockups to a client? I assume that presenting website mockups in email was not the best way. If email is a successful means for presenting mockups, please explain that in an answer.


Well there are several ways to send a mockup to a client. If you are worried about software you could export each design as a .pdf and build a mutli-page .pdf in Acrobat, and add comments to aid in the presentation if you are not wanting to just send images.

Another option is get them printed professional on poster-board and do a demonstration in a meeting.

create slideshows and display them in an interview.

Code out the website in wire-frame which is why I posted this.

If you want to go cheap buy some sketch paper like this, get a ruler about 36″ wireframe your site and use colored pencils to illustrate the wire-frame.

Your question is very vague and there are several ideas and solutions. When I read this question I do not know what phase you are in the re-design. When you refer to mockup I assumed you were in the wire-frame stage.

but in actuality if you are so worried about the client getting the correct feel for the site you might as well code it up and make sure your CSS file is editable enough so you dont dig yourself a hole with changes. Is this site supposed to be a CMS site, simple HTML site, eCommerce site, etc. etc. Why not just create the whole site in a CSS wire-frame?

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