how to preserve fonts with an Adobe Illustrator file?

I was working on a design in Adobe Illustrator and I’ve sent the .ai file to the printer. But she says that she don’t have the fonts, that I used, installed on her computer. Now she also doesn’t know how to install the fonts in her computer (I’ve tried to explain her but she just don’t getting it).

Now is there any way that I can preserve the font that I used in my design in Illustrator? That my .ai file can be opened on any computer without having the issue of “Font now found”?


You could convert all of your type to outlines: Type > Create Outlines or Shift+Control/Option+O, rendering all of your text in actual vectors. This eliminates the need to embed or send along any type file, for they are no longer used to create the image.

A better way would be to use a pdf file to send the document to your printer. These files are able to embed the (necessary part) of a font file, allowing your -printer (or anyone else) to view the file as inteded. You can export a document as pdf through File > Save As... and choosing pdf for the format.

Depending on the settings you choose, a pdf may retain its editability, but that might not be necessary if all you want is printing. Any good printer should accept pdf.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ahmed , Answer Author : Vincent

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