How to print a pure C , M , Y , K color using a regular inkjet printer?

How to print a pure CMYK colors in a regular printer? Let’s say I would like to print a pure cyan or a pure magenta in a regular printer. first I work in a CMYK document .. but when sending the file to the printer it mix the colors and I didn’t get any pure cyan or magenta. That’s because of the printer driver which uses an RGB profile -most probably.

What I need is to print from my CMYK document a pure cyan or a pure magenta only.

How to do that in Photoshop or Illustrator? and what color profile is suitable for that?

in another word… “is it possible to print from only one color cartridge whatever it is?


Your Inkjet printer has to support CYMK. Thus double check before you proceed. Otherwise colours are always converted to RGB. Also make sure that the latest printer drivers are installed.

You can export your Illustrator/photoshop file to a PDF file. This way you can open your document in Acrobat which offers advanced print settings like preview color separations. The Colour profile depends on the final medium e.g. coated, uncoated, newspaper… When you export your PDF make sure that you are using the same color profile e.g. sRGB or Adobe 1998.

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