How to print photographic postcard/business cards

I’d like to produce my own double-sided mini post cards/business cards from my photos at 3×4″ on 80 pound coated stock.

I used to send them to a print shop with odd-number front page, even number back page, and then just ask for 5 copies of the file; but it seems quality had diminished, and I can print small runs on my home inkjet with better results.

What program can I use that would dynamically generate this layout from a PDF? I want 9 up front and back with crop marks so I can cut the 1/8″ bleed off easily.

Perhaps I’m looking for RIP software?

Edit: Using another print service is not a solution, I need to print these myself or find a capable local printer with a 2-3 day turn around on orders from 200 to 3,000.


Why not just go to a print shop that supports this, like — they allow you to do a range of business cards/postcards with small print runs, and differing images on one side (notionally the front). I had some printed by their UK branch recently for a project I’m working on, and have been overjoyed with the quality.

Source : Link , Question Author : Chris , Answer Author : Rowland Shaw

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