How to produce difficult variant of Taegeuk symbol? (see images)

The Republic of Korea (or, “South Korea”) has a Taegeuk at the centre (essentially, a blue and red yin and yang symbol). This design is derived from the flag of the Korean Empire (used between 1882 and 1910), shown by the following two images:

Illustration of Korean Empire's flag (1882 - 1910)

png of Korean Empire's flag (1882 - 1910)

I know how to produce a regular ‘yin-yang’ symbol (a circle with two circles with diameters half as long), but I don’t know how to make this spiral variant myself. Is there a way to do this, so that the lobes are equal in area and shape, and they tessellate to form a perfect circle? I’m using Adobe Illustrator, so answers applicable to this appreciated.



Sorry about this, but I have just found the answer to my problem:

image from

Given this, I then created my own using Adobe Illustrator (seen in the following image). The outermost circle I used as one unit (in my case, 100 px diameter).

my working

Thanks anyway.

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