How to proportionately rescale a 3D model by a specified amount in Maya? [closed]

I’m working with Maya for a uni course and still really green with it. I’ve got (what is probably) a fairly simple issue. So apologies if this is really basic.

Basically we’ve been building a character in Maya, and in a separate file, we’ve been building a unicycle for said character to ride. However, when I import the character into my unicycle file, the character is a literal giant in comparison. I’m assuming I’ve accidentally constructed my character using centimeter units of scale, while the unicycle has been built using millimeters.

So I need to know how I can resize my character down to the millimeter scale so it fits with the unicycle?

The character already has joints and bound skin, I’m hoping that doesn’t complicate things too much.


Open your character scene and set your working units there. Your working units are under Window > Settings/Preferences > Preferences – look for Settings on the left-hand side. Then import the file.

Bear in mind of your FAR CLIP PLANE on your camera settings, as depending on the units you choose, it can make your objects appear as they are miles away, so your Far Clip Plane must be high so the camera can “see” them.

Hope that helps!

Source : Link , Question Author : fredishopeless , Answer Author : guzforster

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