How to put 3 pages together vertically in InDesign

In InDesign using the “Allow Document Pages to Shuffle” allows for more than 2 pages to be next to each other. I want to do the same, but I want the pages vertically. I am creating a vertical invitation with many panels, and I want each panel to be in a different page. How do I do that?

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I figured it out, so I am sharing…

First turn off “Allow Document Pages to Shuffle”, and add as many pages together as you want (they will be aligning horizontally). Then go to the Page Tool and on the panel on top where there are some setting for this tool, click on “Objects Move with Pages” then drag the pages. It behaves like the artboards in Illustrator. You can move the pages apart so there is space between them, or you can move them on top of each other so you get pages aligning vertically.

Source : Link , Question Author : Virginia , Answer Author : Virginia

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