How to quickly setup a gradient mesh for annulus-like shapes in AI?

I usually encounter annulus-like shapes such as the one shown below:

I want to create a gradient mesh out of this array of discrete patches. However, Adobe Illustrator can only create rectangular gradient mesh. I had to fudge the mesh to this annulus. I’m wondering is there a good way to create a gradient mesh that cover this annulus shape and so that the mesh grid more or less follow the grid of the annulus?


This is what I find to be an acceptable solution. First, create a gradient mesh to a box as follows.

Second, drag every other box to a suitable location.

Third, rotate each box to a suitable angle.

Fourth, drag each vertex to a suitable location.

Fifth, pick up color for each vertex from the original figure.

Sixth, use the original figure to create a mask for the mesh.

Although it is stupid, it will eventually get what I want.

Source : Link , Question Author : Troy Woo , Answer Author : Troy Woo

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