How to randomly distribute a group of icons / graphics in a canvas?

I want to design something like this:

Whatsapp background

Food pattern from subtle patterns

It has been established in previous answers that these are doodle graphics.

Some ways to make them manually are seen on here and here.

How can I make one or more doodles, select the group and randomly spray them on a canvas with a few skewed orientations?


I have a solution that works very well for one icon at a time. Create a Photoshop brush preset.

Start with one doodled icon. Turn it into a Photoshop brush and set the brush options to scatter (spacing) and rotate (orientation) the icon to taste.

Click and drag across the screen to leave a trail of scattered ‘graphics’. If you need a second set of doodle icons feel free to create and brush with as many custom brushes as you want.

This technique can be used to create things like snowflake trees by creating a path with the pen tool, turning on pressure (tapers the ends of the brush strokes), and tracing the path.

This tutorial explains EVERY technique required to do this.

Source : Link , Question Author : Stephen Igwue , Answer Author : Yisela

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