How to randomly distribute objects only in selected area?

Imagine you wanted to design a glass of soda. First you create a glass:

It’s, in fact, a beaker – but that doesn’t matter

Now you copy the object, make it smaller, black and delete the stroke. Then to try to center it in beaker:

full beaker

Finally, you want some pretty bubbles. How can I randomly distribute them in the brown area, besides copy pasting (which sucks for complicated shapes)?


Let’s get a try…

You can create your bubble (sorry, not so pretty):


With the bubble selected, press the spray tool (see also here):

Spray tool

You can tweak a bit with the tool options until the object are placed according to your wishes:

Tool options

Now, you can simply keep pressed your left mouse button down and place the bubbles while moving the mouse:

Final image

With a littler starting bubble and different spray settings:

Alternative image

Source : Link , Question Author : Tomáš Zato – Reinstate Monica , Answer Author : Paolo Gibellini

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