How to really preview GIMP fonts?

I want to choose proper GIMP font for my purpose, so I would like to browse through all of them visually. But, having to choose GIMP font based on a single letter “Aa” (as provided by the text tool) really sucks:

enter image description here

Googling around, I found there are three ways to open font dialog in GIMP, but all of them are equally bad.

Is there some better preview of all the default GIMP fonts? In the GIMP program itself or at least somewhere on the Internet.


Simple answer: GIMP (up to v2.8) can not do that for you.

But there are workarounds. At first, one side note: there are no “Gimp fonts” — all fonts come from your system.

So we all can use the system font viewer. Or, as an alternative, install an external viewer for the appropriate operating system. Here are several useful links:

PS. After all, it is embarrassing, that the official Graphic Editor doesn’t provide many basic features for image editing (please, correct me if I’m wrong). For small pictures I always use small editors, for large projects – I go to Fiverr…

Source : Link , Question Author : Tomas , Answer Author : maxkoryukov

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