How to recolor a vector pattern swatch in Illustrator?

I am new to textures and overlaying a vector for texturing, and I found these halftone textures from Spoon graphics that give me these black swatches.

They are great as they explained for just placing over a vector, however I want to recolor them so they are not just black. I have done this with other textures but when I go to select color I get this:

enter image description here

How can I recolor this texture swatch? Is this possible?


  • Drag a new pattern swatch to the artboard from the Swatches panel.
  • Select the dragged pattern
  • Ungroup
  • Release the compound path
  • remove the outer rectangle
  • load into the Swatches panel your ordinary swatches
  • select the dots
  • select the fill color that you like
  • drag the colored pattern back to your swatches panel

At first: learn from the user guide how to manage your swatch collections

No need to return the pattern back to the swatches. It can be used “as is”, too. (=recolor, use as a brush, make multiples, deform, clip by a clipping path, use as a clipping path etc…)

Check also: In the appearance panel you can select a different blending mode, for example “Hard light” and reduce the opacity. This way you can use the black dots to make the underlying color darker. It’s very useful to play a little with different blending modes, if you still have not done it.

Source : Link , Question Author : skyguy , Answer Author : user287001

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