How to record an action to center the content of a layer?

For example, there are 2 layers:

  • an iPhone mockup
  • an app icon upper left of the mockup screen

When I want to export the app icon as a .png file, now I:

  • copy the icon layer to a new PSD
  • use the mouse to drag the icon to center
  • change canvas to 57 x 57
  • further arrange the icon position
  • export

Is there a way to quickly clone a layer and center it?


Your action should:

  • Turn off all other layers (Alt/Opt-click on the layer eyeball)

  • Select All (Cmd/Ctl-A)

  • Copy Merged (Cmd/Ctl-Shift-C)

  • Turn other layers back on (Alt/Opt-click again)

  • Create a new document

  • Paste

  • Select All

  • Center Vertically and Center Horizontally (use the icons in the control bar)

  • Canvas Size to 54×54 absolute

  • Deselect

This will then work for any layer you have targeted in the Layers Panel.

Source : Link , Question Author : ohho , Answer Author : Alan Gilbertson

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