How to recreate The Muppet Show logo in Illustrator?

Well, I’m not sure if you can call this a logo:
enter image description here

But yeah, I’m referring to the lettering that appears in the show’s opening.

I understand that it’s probably a hand-painted sign, but is it possible to recreate that with a normal font in Adobe Illustrator?


Thank you all very much for the wonderful answers!
I actually intend to first learn the skills needed to recreate the Muppet logo, then make one of my own in a similar style. My friend is making a Biology show, so I thought it would be funny to help her create a logo in the muppet style.

I pretty much figured out the extrusion part,
enter image description herebut I simply cannot figure out how to make the O in “show” inflate like that (and with the surround letters squeezing aside for it). I tried meshing and wrapping. The closest I can get is like this:

enter image description here

But it looks horrendously ugly. Now, I do realize that the creator of that Muppet Show logo did not use a wrap or mesh tool (instead, he/she probably just drew it that way), so I don’t know how closely can I recreate that effect with technology (well, maybe it’s just a skill thing). I think I will probably resort to drawing it by hand if I can’t get it right.


Create each word as a separate text object with the stroke set to black, and fill set to white

Using Object > Envelope > Make with Mesh, apply a simple 1 column, 1 row mesh warp to each word, and distort as you wish by clicking and dragging the mesh handles/bezier curves.

enter image description here

Select all, then using Effect > Stylize > Drop Shadow, apply a red drop shadow with no blur.

enter image description here

Note that creating a more exact replica of the text is also possible, but it would involve tracing the letter shapes manually by hand, using the Pen tool. It’s certainly possible, but it’s probably copyright infringement.

Source : Link , Question Author : Rummy Tum-Tums , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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