How to recreate this zig-zag / andean pattern

I have tried a few different attempts on this pattern. I was wondering if someone could show me how to recreate this Jordan 12 pattern (black and yellow) on the sole of the shoe:


Usually, I do something like this programatically using Mathematica, but let me give you a fast way for Photoshop.

1. Create a small empty image, say 40×40 pixel

2. In the first column, you make every 5 pixel black, so that you end up with something like this:

enter image description here

3. Now you press the button for the selection tool a bit longer and you choose the tool one column selection. Now, the approach is very easy: Select your first column and press V to select the move tool. Now, you hold Alt and press Right Arrow, release Alt and press down arrow. This creates your correct second column. Do this another 4 times downwards, then start upwards and you get

enter image description here

4. Repeat this for another 30 seconds and you are done

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Zack Aronson , Answer Author : Community

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