How to reduce the file size of an image while keeping the same dimensions

My goal is to create a Kindle Cover and upload it following Amazon recommendations.

The Cover Should Be:

MAXIMUM: Width:1563px; Height:2500px; JPEG up to 127KB

MINIMUM: Width:625px; Height:1000px; JPEG up to 127KB

I found a Powerpoint template that helps me to create Kindle covers.
However the size of it is: 541px x 864px and 107KB. So, I resized the template to Kindle standards, but now I have a picture
that is 1563px x 2500px and 731KB.

Using Photoshop and Save for Web I can turn the quality option to low.
The result of it is: 1563px x 2500px and 198KB.
It’s still too heavy/large for Amazon standards.

How can I reduce the file size further without making the image dimensions smaller?

Many Thanks.


I would recommend you don’t use the maximum size allowed, and instead go for something a bit smaller instead.

Depending on how complex your image is, a bigger size will definitely require a loss in quality. Your true limit in this case is the 127Kb. My reasoning is: You should aim for the maximum quality you can get without passing that weight.

So if you want to keep the width/height ration of 1.6, you can go for 1000x1600px and the cover will still look good and have no visible quality loss. In my opinion, a 127Kb and 1563x2500px image is simply very, very difficult to achieve without completely ruining the quality.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ronaldo , Answer Author : Yisela

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