How to remove a green/blue screen background using Photoshop CS5?

Using Photoshop CS5, i’m trying to fully remove background of a picture being shot behind a blue screen. To do this, i am using Color Range method (from Menu > Selection). It works ok for most parts of the picture but other for some having transparency (like hairs), there is still some glowing blue around it.

Here is the original image :

enter image description here

Here is what i get, using Color Range. If i increase the Fuzziness, the hairs tends to disappear completely, which is not what i want.

enter image description here

Here is what I want to achieve :

enter image description here

Is there other techniques to remove that blue background ? (and thus avoiding the blue glow around the image ?)


I usually use an Alpha Channel to remove backgrounds in images like these.

This is a rough example, but if you take care to be detail specific, the results will be spot on.

Step 1

If your image is a background layer, double click the layer and name it whatever.

enter image description here

Step 2

Go to the Channels panel (Window > Channels) and select the layer with a high contrast. I chose the Blue layer in this example.

Duplicate this layer by dragging it to the Create New Channel icon, or right clicking and select Duplicate Channel... You can name this whatever, but this will be your Alpha Channel.
enter image description here

Step 3

With the new channel selected, go to Image > Apply Image. Make sure the blending mode is set to Multiply and adjust the opacity to 75 – 100% whatever looks ok.

Step 4

Break out the brush tool [B], select black as your color, and paint the areas that are definitely going to show through at 100% opacity. For instance the fingers, hand and head at the right side of the photo.
enter image description here

Step 5

Change your brush Blending Mode to Overlay, and brush the light & fine hair areas. With Overlay as the mode, you’ll be able to darken the fine areas without getting the background too.
enter image description here

Switch the color to white, to brighten the gray background without affecting the black strokes.

enter image description here

Step 6

When you are happy with the masking, Inverse the selection (Ctrl + I) to make the mask white.

enter image description here

Step 7

Ctrl + click to Select the alpha channel mask as a selection. Then go to your layer panel and create the mask.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : tigrou , Answer Author : ckpepper02

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