How to remove noise/grain on a picture, based on some “noise pattern”

I have a picture containing lot of noise (see example below). Using photoshop CS5, is there any way to remove/or minimize these artefacts ?

enter image description here

I know this is possible in sound editors (like Goldwave) : you select a small sample of the sound containing only noise, and then apply a “noise reduction” effect, it will remove anything in the sound that contains same frequencies as sample selected. It is not perfect since its also remove some other usefull information in the sound but results are generally very good.

I am looking for the same functionality but for pictures. It should allow me to select some region in picture containing mostly noise (a black / very dark area) and then based on this region, the plugin effect should remove any noise on the picture with same frequencies/pattern.

I think some cameras have same possibility : you take a picture of a black background (thus containing only noise), then real pictures. using the picture containing only noise, the camera automatically remove artefacts in real pictures.

If not possible in Photoshop CS5, any other tool doing that would also be nice.

Note : i know about Filter > Noise > Reduce noise but it is not what i want.

EDIT : thanks all for your suggestions, after searching a lot, i have found one tool that does it : NeatImage. This was perfectly what I was looking for and made miracles. During some googling sessions I have also try some other and find Noise Ninja and Noiseware to be nice tools.
I will try some of your suggestions when i will have time.


Would this be better?

Channel blur

What I did, was actually adding a Curves adjustment layer and then edited curve for each individual colour channel.

This could also be a starting point to add other obivous elements to the image itself, to correct it as much as possible (like those different tint bars at top)…

Channel blur with bars


So if you’re after one step process, then I suggest Curves adjustment layer that reduces much of the noise in your image. but you have to be aware that it cancels all that noise basically because background is significantly darker (noise too) than content. InDesign’s icon falls into the same hue range, that’s why it’s cancelled out along with noise.

Source : Link , Question Author : tigrou , Answer Author : Robert Koritnik

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