How to remove part of an image in the shape of a font without affecting the background?

I am entirely new to graphic design. I have a background image and a “foreground” image. I want to modify the foreground image by omitting parts of it (so that the background takes its place); in particular I want the omitted parts to be in the form of a font. I don’t have Adobe Photoshop, and I am looking for a free way to do this. I would appreciate your suggestions on how to do this.


You can do this with other raster image editing software, such as GIMP which is free. It can be done by using layers and layer masks. In fact almost any raster image editor which has layer support could be used.

Here’s an example below made in GIMP. The idea here was to have the word “Hannibal” reveal an image of the Alps, through an image of an elephant.

The bottom layer is the background layer, and the foreground layer is above that. I turned the text layer into a selection, inverted the selection, then applied it as a layer mask to the foreground layer. The background shows through the mask applied to the foreground.

enter image description here

This could be taken further. In the following example, I also duplicated the a white version of the text layer, stroked it with a 10px stroke, and masked that out using the same mask I made earlier, to create an outline around the text.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Sam , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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