How to remove the textured background from a handwritten text document?

I’m using Adobe Photoshop.

I noticed that there are other questions similar to this one.
However, the reason I’m posting my question is, when I followed the instructions in the other question about removing the background from a signature, it was not working for me on this document. I needed to select several times for each letter. Many times I was also getting parts of the background with the letters.

Is there some shortcut?

It looks like it will take me a whole day to select all the text, letter by letter.

Perhaps the reason the Magic Wand tool is not working well is because the text is handwritten and the edges are not well defined?

So, here’s the picture.
(I thought I uploaded it the first time, I’m trying again now)

enter image description here

Basically, I would like guidance on how to remove the background and put the text on a solid white background. (If possible in an easier more efficient manner than selecting each letter one by one)

P.S. For those curious, this is a handwritten marriage document in the Hebrew language written on parchment with a quill.


All you need to do is choose Image > Adjustments > Levels and alter the levels within the image.

enter image description here

Simply drag the left triangle (black) to the right to darken the dark areas and then drag the right (white) arrow to the left to lighten the lighter areas on the image.

Viewing the histogram will help. It shows the ramp on the right which is all the data in the light end of the image. By dragging the right arrow to the left to approximately where the ramp starts, you clip all that extra data and essentially remove the background coloring.

The middle (grey) triangle control the midtones of the image. You can slide it left or right to tweak areas which are midtones.

You could also adjust in a similar manner by choosing Image > Adjustments > Curves.

This is much easier for many images than trying to create a selection.

Source : Link , Question Author : Simcha Binyamin Katsof , Answer Author : Scott

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