How to remove white background from multiple images?

So I received approximately 70 or so images from a customer and apparently they were all scanned. They are 4×6 prints but each one has a white background the size of a paper. How can I get rid of them en mass?


This is a job for the actions palette!

Make a new action for “Auto Crop”

  • Open Actions palette (Alt+F9)
  • Hit the “create new action” icon bottom right (paper with folded corner)
  • Name the action “Auto crop” (for example)
  • Go to Image > Trim > “Top left pixel color” (make sure all four boxes are ticked) > OK
  • Save as (Shift+Ctrl+S) (then indicate your output directory)
  • Close (Ctrl+W)
  • Stop the recording action

Use that new action on a batch

  • File > Automate > Batch
  • Set “Source” to “Folder” and browse to the folder with the originals
  • Set “Output” to your destination folder of choice (I recommend a new folder!)
  • OK

…sit back and watch the action 🙂

It’s worth mentioning that if you don’t actually want them cropped THAT tightly (to the pixel) you can always add to the action a step to simply increase the canvas size (say) 50 pixels all round after the trim. You can also at that point run Auto-Tone, or anything else you’d like to do.

Once you are into actions and batch automation, there is no going back!

Source : Link , Question Author : Nemy Singer , Answer Author : mayersdesign

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