How to render text as brush stroke?

Is this possible to render a text as a certain brush stroke, so that the text seem to look like painted with a brush? Not looking for any generic paintbrush-effect or fonts. It has to be a brush from the already installed photoshop or gimp brushes. I’m working with Non-Latin Characters. I want to flow a brush stroke along the path of the text, so that it looks like the text was written with that brushstroke.

One obvious option is to write the text with the desired brush with an extremely steady hand. But what if we could render the text as brush stroke?


Short Answer: No,

Fonts are typically defined by the collection of curves that make up their outline, so there’s no perfect single curve there to stroke with a brush.

Long answer: Maybe, if you’re willing to put in quite a lot of work, and it’s probably still going to look a bit off.

Your best bet here is to find a particularly light font (I’m using InkScape and Segoe Script for this example), outline it by selecting Path > Object to Path or entering Shift + Ctrl + C with the text selected;

outline the object

Then split the outline using the edit paths tool selecting two points near where you’d imagine the start and end of the stroke you’d like would be, and press break path at selected nodes on the bottom toolbar, and Path > Break Apart (Shift + Ctrl + K), and finally Ungroup the resulting curves with Object > Ungroup (Shift + Ctrl + G);

split the path

Now that you’ve broken the letter down, you should be left with a curve (or several) which may or may not vaguely resemble your desired output (very few letters will be as easy as this one has been). I’ve been left with these two;

the resultant S curves

At this point if you were using Photoshop or Illustrator you could stroke whichever curve you prefer with a brush that you like, and be ready to dissect the next letter on your list, but since I’m stuck using Inkscape there aren’t really any brushes to use here, so I’d set the stroke thickness and endcaps I like and call it a day.

Update thanks to xenoid;

Apparently you can import curves into GIMP by right clicking in the Paths Palette clicking Import Path and selecting an .svg. Now you can pull your dissected curves over from Inkscape and stroke them with whichever brush you’d like.

Source : Link , Question Author : Bluebug , Answer Author : Jim

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