How to replace colors with BW patterns in a SVG file?

Using Adobe Illustrator (or is there any other Software?) what is the way to replace all occurrences of a given color with a BW pattern for a SVG file?

I also have a small word cloud using Arial font and I need the font color there to also be replaced with BW patterns. What solution do you recommend that also let the fonts be readable in the word cloud while using BW patterns?

UPDATE: I’d prefer a solution where I don’t have to select each object with a specific color (to minimize chances of errors). I’d prefer a solution that replaces all objects of a specific color with a BW pattern without having to select the many objects one by one.


In Illustrator, select one item that is the colour you wish to find and click Select > Same and choose “fill color”. Then apply a pattern fill to the selected objects. This method works with any objects including editable text objects. It doesn’t turn the text to outlines. Text with a pattern fill is still editable as text.

If you are editing a pre-existing SVG file, then whether the text is still editable text or not, will depend on whether it has been turned into outlines.

Other software? Sure. Inkscape is free and can do the same. The equivalent function in Inkscape is Edit > Select Same > Fill color.

Source : Link , Question Author : SkyWalker , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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