How to represent a general movie in a cover picture for illustration purpose?

I’m making a SaaS landing page, and in the upper section there’s an interactive illustration of the product (a web interface) in a browser, showing what you can do with the product.

Screenshot of the illustration

This interface has a banner that the customers can change (black box in the screenshot) and I want to show with an example that the product can be used in the movie industry. But I’m struggling to create something that transmit this message without actually creating a banner about a real or fake movie.

For sports, I took a photo of supporters. For music, I took a photo of a musician.

But for movies ?


A picture of a movie theater?

Maybe add some animation and on window load move the curtains from a left-right 200px in view to something like 100px. Giving it the feel like the movie is starting?


Another option is to have the user choose it’s favorite movie from a predefined list when browsing the page and upon selection, fetch a sequence from that movie and add it in the banner.


You can create an image of a movie premiere and it should always chance upon refresh or as a slider with the title of the most popular IMDB movie titles from the current year.

Source : Link , Question Author : ryancey , Answer Author : Alin

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