How to resize a palette that’s dropping off the screen?

I’m using CS6 on a laptop, usually hooked up to an external monitor. In that setup, the monitor is my primary screen and the latop’s is my secondary. Since I like some real estate in my palettes, I tend to stretch the Layers panel to full-screen height on my primary view.

When I start working with just te laptop, the Layers palette is too tall for my screen – Photoshop remembers the size and location of my palettes from when I was working on a larger screen. I can’t resize the palette short of resetting the workspace to a standard. Annoying thing is that the buttons at the bottom of the palette are beyond my view now.

Is there a way of resizing such a palette without resetting the entire workspace?


Approach this from the other direction. When you have both monitors up, take the time to set up your palettes so that they’re perfect on the laptop screen, and save that as Laptop Workspace. Then when you switch to just the laptop, load that workspace, so you haven’t lost any of your personal settings but you can see all the palettes.

Source : Link , Question Author : Vincent , Answer Author : Lauren-Clear-Monica-Ipsum

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